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12 January 2012
Dendrite Clinical Systems installs Perinatal Registry in HMC's Women's Hospital

Dendrite Clinical Systems has announced that the company recently installed its “Intellect Web” clinical database software at the Hamad Medical Corporation"s (HMC) Women"s Hospital in Doha, Qatar. The database was utilised to create an integrated Perinatal Registry that is collecting, recording and facilitating the evaluation of perinatal data, interventions and outcomes at the institution. The Registry will play a crucial role in data collection at the Women"s Hospital, which assists in more than 16,000 deliveries per year.

“We are delighted that the Dendrite Perinatal Registry has been installed and we are very happy with the way the database is functioning,” said Dr Sajjad ur Rahman, Senior Consultant Perinatal Medicine, Women"s Hospital, HMC. “This comprehensive database has been specifically designed to collect and analyse outcomes from our hospital, and we look forward to publishing our data in the future.”

The Perinatal Registry database has replaced the previous paper-based system with a single, web browser based registry using Dendrite"s “Intellect Web” software that incorporates detailed on-line data validation. As well as collecting obstetric history data, the comprehensive registry will also collect information on: labour and delivery; neonatal ICU stay; congenital abnormalities; surgical/radiological/laboratory analysis and outcomes; maternal comorbidities; and intra- and post-partum complications. The database also facilitates the entry of retrospective data and there are some 15,000 patient records currently awaiting entry onto the registry.

The collection and evaluation of data from the registry will allow the benchmarking of clinical performance at the Women"s Hospital and could be used as an evidenced-based foundation of clinical data to drive changes to patient care, treatment protocols and guidelines.

“The Perinatal Registry software is our second major database implementation at the HMC following the installation of our cardiac surgery registry software in November 2011,” said Dr Peter Walton, Managing Director of Dendrite Clinical Systems. “We believe that installing our software in two distinct clinical departments demonstrates the inherent flexibility our 'Intellect Web" product and we look forward to working with the Hamad Medical Corporation in the future towards further expansion of the system for use in other specialities”