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21 September 2015
Dendrite and Saving Faces to launch the new National Head and Neck Cancer Audit

Dendrite Clinical Systems and the charity, Saving Faces (the Facial Surgery Research Foundation), have announced that they will launch the new National Head and Neck Cancer Audit (HANA) in February 2016. The audit, which will be funded by Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), will focus on key patient outcomes and aims to improve patient safety and the quality of service delivered.

HANA will utilise Dendrite"s “Intellect Web” national registry software to facilitate on-line data entry. The Registry can be accessed using a range of modern html-5 compatible web browsers, allowing registrants to enter data without the need to install additional software or perform any complex system configurations.

HANA will hold information about the diagnosis, management and treatment of every patient who is newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer.

“The findings from HANA will contribute to changes in clinical practice and ensure that patients receive the best care possible and experience an improved quality of life,” said Professor Iain Hutchison, the Chief Executive and founder of Saving Faces who will provide the clinical leadership for HANA. “Consultant-level reporting will remain a feature of the audit. We will provide surgeons with outcomes data that will enable them to see how they are performing in relation to the national average. We expect data completeness and quality to continue to improve.”

Dendrite and Saving Faces are working closely with the British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists (BAHNO) and a team of specialists to ensure that HANA focuses on information that is really relevant to patient outcomes. Work commenced on HANA on the 1st of July 2015 and will continue for a minimum of 3 years. There will be a period of transition while information collected by DAHNO (the former National Head and Neck Cancer Audit) is transferred to Saving Faces from the Health and Social Care Information Centre. It will also enable direct uploads from units that have been providing data to DAHNO, via an existing data collection infrastructure.

More than 8,000 new cases of head and neck cancer are diagnosed each year in England and Wales and the incidence of this potentially debilitating disease continues to rise.