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Clinical trial software

Dendrite has designed and developed software for several clinical trials that capture data at the individual patient level, which can then be used to track medical devices during and after treatment. Whether a clinical trial is based upon a specific disease, clinical specialty or procedure, it can be specifically designed to suit any clinical research and can be applied in almost any imaginable clinical scenario. 

Dendrite's unique web-based clinical trials can be accessed using a standard web-browser, without the need to install additional software or perform any complex system configurations. Additional benefits of Dendrite's clinical trial platform include:

  • Comprehensive tracking of procedures
  • Intuitive data capture with on line data validation
  • Secure username and password access
  • Easy to use; employing standard check-boxes, radio-buttons and drop-down lists, which make for rapid data entry
  • A drawing tool enables users to annotate diagrams, which can then be printed and stored in individual patient records
  • PIN locking
  • Secure encrypted web hosting
  • Automated validation of inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Automated randomisation

Real World Evidence is an emerging powerful trend which is becoming a cornerstone of value-based pricing and may redefine the basis of competition and access in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in the near future. 

Real World Evidence goes beyond traditional controlled clinical trials. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies can use Real World Evidence data to inform stakeholders about a product's use, treatment patterns (standards of care), benefits and cost effectiveness to gain and defend market access, inform the design of products and trials and transform their relationships with clinicians from a supplier to a collaborator.

Large scale Real World Evidence data has not been available until recently – this is a major opportunity to demonstrate the value of your products. All of the major pharmaceutical companies have recently initiated Real World Evidence projects to inform product development and/or commercial decisions. Post market research has been the only growing area in the clinical research field in recent years. Indeed, if pharmaceutical and medical device companies do not take the initiative and lead the development of compelling real world cost-effectiveness arguments, regulatory agencies will create their own potentially unfavourable product narratives of which we have seen multiple examples already.

While there may be various sources of real world clinical information (such as Electronic Patient Record systems), implementation experience has proven that this information is mostly sporadic, incomplete and difficult to reconcile and analyse, particularly on a large scale. Clinical registries have proven to be the main source of scientifically robust large scale Real World Evidence to date.

Dendrite Clinical Systems is a global leader in the area of clinical registries with an extensive experience in the field of Real World Evidence studies. Our customer dedication and delivery track record is impeccable. We would be delighted to work with you to help you design and support your Real World Evidence project. 

Please contact us to discuss your Real World Evidence project:
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Phone: +44 20 8949 8999 (Dr Alexey Brovko)

The establishment of large patient based registries for specific diseases, clinical specialties and procedures is becoming commonplace in all aspects of healthcare. Not only are such registries an invaluable source of data for research, but also national standards for outcomes can be identified, against which individual hospitals can run prospective audit to compare their results adjusting for case mix and severity of illness. 

Consequently, such registries are having an increasingly profound influence on clinical practice, as well as to better understand the behaviour of patient sub-groups with respect to disease progression and response to therapeutic intervention. This could include the generation of risk stratification models that can be used at the point of care to guide clinical decision-making.

Dendrite's web-based registries can be accessed using a standard web browser, allowing users to enter data without the need to install additional software or perform any complex system configurations. The system allows the clinicians to enter patient information onto a database whether in hospital, from an office-based practice or even at home. 

Some of the key features of our bespoke registries include:

  • Comprehensive tracking of procedures.
  • Intuitive data capture with on line data validation.
  • Import Manager Module allows the importation and merging of legacy data from a variety of different database systems.
  • A "Download Document" option that allows users to download pdf. copies of the dataset questions, training manuals and other useful information.
  • "Export my Data" - this feature allows users to extract their submitted data at any time to report/perform their own analysis. This ensures registrants have at all times easy access to their own data.
  • Secure username and password access.
  • Registries are easy to use; employing standard check-boxes, radio-buttons and drop-down lists, which make for rapid data entry.
  • A drawing tool enables users to annotate diagrams, which can then be printed and stored in individual patient records.

Additional benefits of web-based registries include:

  • Maintaining patient anonymity and confidentiality (safe and secure)
  • Time saving compared to paper-based systems
  • No need for additional data input
  • Data validation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Speed of recruitment
  • Increases efficiency
  • Simplifies the data collection process

Clinical registries and databases are ultimately a safe and secure method of collecting data to facilitate effective clinical governance and audit. In turn, this empowers professional societies, hospitals, clinical departments and clinicians with their own data, allowing them to make informed decision ultimately leading to improved outcomes for patients.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our clinical databases and registries.

Dendrite Clinical Systems is a supplier of sophisticated data analysis services for the international heath care system

Dendrite's success has been built on the ability to capture and validate clinical data, and transform those data into useful clinical knowledge. The company's in-house data analysis team provides a comprehensive service and we can audit data from numerous databases and data collection systems whether they come from a department, an institution, a commercial organisation. 

The quality of the data is always investigated to highlight shortfalls: missing fields, invalid entries and/or duplications / anomalies, which are subsequently reported back to client. Furthermore, our services include merging disparate databases (from different countries and languages) to publishing award-winning national and international reports.

We can also provide additional data analysis services including:

  • Aspects of risk scoring
  • Longitudinal analysis
  • Sequential outcome analysis
  • Funnel plots
  • Dashboards

Capturing data and transforming those data into useful clinical information is crucial to the process of improving standards in clinical practice and better outcomes for patients. If you would like to learn more about our data analysis services or to discuss getting more out of your data please contact us.

Please note: The company adheres to strict guidelines and would never enter into agreement whereby we are requested to alter data.

Dendrite's unique system has become the preferred clinical governance tool for benchmarking clinical performance and has become an integral part of the care delivery process at over 250 major hospitals across the UK and increasingly throughout continental Europe and beyond.

The unique, flexible database software and comprehensive data analysis systems, empowers hospitals, clinical departments and clinicians with their own data. With inbuilt risk stratification algorithms, clinicians can benchmark their results against national and international standards, adjusted for severity of illness using well-established statistical methods.

Dendrite Clinical Systems provide a sophisticated clinical outcomes database management system that creates an environment in which the analysis and reporting of data becomes easy and clinically meaningful. The Dendrite software is a unique clinical outcomes software system, providing clinical users with the ability to track time related clinical data for analysis of any medical or surgical procedure, all within a single software environment.


Our highly flexible software, supporting multi specialty application, allows the creation of customizable clinical datasets de novo. Furthermore, the Dendrite software can draw from an extensive library of clinical databases from over 50 medical and surgical applications. The diversity of databases utilising the Dendritesystem illustrates the inherent flexibility of the system, which can be applied in almost any imaginable clinical scenario.

The software allows an extensive array of in built analytic and risk modelling functions including:

  • Simple distribution analyses ( Single group, multi group descriptive statistics with Chi squared and Yates tests, t-tests )
  • Bayes and logistic regression models
  • Longitudinal Analysis ( Kaplan Meier, Cox Regression, and Hazard curves for both survival and event free analysis )
  • Sequential Outcome Analysis ( CUSUM, CRAM, CRAO, VLAD, SPRTs )
  • Volume/Outcome Analysis ( Funnel Plots )
  • Risk Scoring Evaluation ( ROC curves & calibration plotting )
  • Risk Scoring Algorithms ( POSSUM, Parsonnet, Cleveland Clinic Scoring, EuroSCORE, Bayes and Neural Networks )
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Links to SPSS / S-Plus / Crystal Reports

Dendrite software includes a dedicated link to MSWord to provide merged reports such as discharge summaries and operation notes that are completely flexible in form and content. Merged reports and letters can be produced using standard Windows network printing. The system also has proven interfaces with all the major PAS integration engines.

The established trends of clinical audit and governance are central to the transformation of health care delivery. If you would like to discuss our unrivalled experience and understand how we can help you benchmark your own standards of practice, please contact us.

Dendrite Hospitals & Databases:

Dendrite has over 250 hospital installations and more than 75 databases, across 48 different countries