Dendrite develops ‘One-button push’ outcomes module

One-button PushDendrite Clinical Systems has launched its ‘One-button push’ outcomes module, allowing clinicians to instantly produce their outcomes with the push of a single button. This enhancement is the latest in a series of advances incorporated into the company’s clinical registry software.


This innovative module collates a user’s data and publishes their data in a pdf report. The report -depending on the specialty - includes data on patient demographics, the number and type of performed procedures, complication rates, re-operation rates, length of hospital stay and outcomes etc. The outcomes report could be hugely beneficial during appraisal and revalidation as it produces evidence of the surgeon’s performance in the form of a real-time audit.

It can also bring benefits to individual hospitals and NHS Trusts, as they have been able to demonstrate the quality of service being provided to healthcare commissioners. Commissioners can see, via the individual surgeon’s outcomes report, that they are getting value for their money. 

“This latest innovation provides users with the ability to report their clinical data for analysis all within a single software environment and with the push of a single button,” said Dr Peter Walton, Managing Director, Dendrite Clinical Systems. “Not only can users publish their outcomes but through the use of inbuilt risk stratification algorithms, over time they will be able to benchmark their results against national and international standards, using well-established statistical methods.”