Dendrite Clinical Systems’ innovative “Intellect Web” software collecting COVID-19 data

COVID-19Dendrite Clinical Systems’ innovative “Intellect Web” software has been utilised by several national and international organisations to establish web-based registries to collect data from patients with COVID-19.

“Our flexible software has been adapted and utilised across an array of specialities and clinical settings to investigate and record COVID-19 symptoms by teams of international researchers all over the world,” said Dr Peter Walton, Managing Director of Dendrite Clinical Systems. “As a company, we are working with our healthcare partners to enable them to record and report vital patient data and find different treatment strategies to help patients and healthcare systems overcome this devastating virus.”

The company is currently working with an international group of 17 leading diabetes experts from the multidisciplinary Diabetes Surgery Summit (DSS), as part of the CoviDiab project, which is collecting new cases of diabetes in patients with COVID-19. The aim of the CoviDiab Registry is to understand the extent and the characteristics of the manifestations of diabetes in patients with COVID-19, and the best strategies for the treatment and monitoring of affected patients, during and after the pandemic.

Dendrite is also working with the Institute for Health Research (IGES, Berlin) on the Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19 Infections (ABC-19) study that is recording data on treatment of COVID-19 patients to discover more about outpatient course of COVID-19. Study will help establish evidence-based guidelines for outpatient treatment, leading to improved outcomes & prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. Registry collects data from patients using smartphone/tablets via Dendrite’s e-PROMS module (patient-reported outcome measures) allowing patients who are isolating to remotely enter their data directly into the registry at their own convenience – 1st data are expected at the end of 2nd quarter of 2021.

Last year, our software was used in the Finding Out if COVID-19 Infection Can be pREdicted by ChAnges in Smell and/or Taste (FORECAST) study, led by Professor Rachel Batterham from the University College London and the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. The outcomes from the FORECAST study was the first to confirm that the loss of smell and/or taste are highly-reliable indicators that someone is likely to have Covid-19. The study also utilised our ePROMs software to collect data directly from patients.

Dendrite can provide you with a clinical software solution to help you collect your #COVID-19 data. Contact us today to learn more.